The latest nail in the coffin for 9/11 justice

6 06 2008
June 5, 2008

REFERENCE: MICHAEL CORBIN, Denver Radio talk Show host [1955-2008]

Today, Mike’s 4 A Closer Look would have covered this topic – and we would have invited these to participate:

I can imagine Mike coming up with a title for the show, perhaps an intro set to the tune “Thank GOD I’m a country boy” and it might have been: “Thank GOD for the Constitution – we can always count on it to set elite criminals and their terrorist mobsters free.”

The gist of the radio show with the late Michael Corbin would have been this:

These guys set free yesterday are connected with PTECH – they were jailed in JANUARY 2008 for indictments stemming from terrorism financing (9/11) charges. The first thing they did was praise the US Constitution for setting them free.

It is my contention, and also Mike’s, that the Constitution would have seen them hung for treason; it was a Purchased Court, Judge, and Corrupt Lawyers that set them free.

JUDGE SAYLOR in Massachusetts decided that none of the exhaustive and compelling evidence linking these men to 9/11, or Osama Bin Laden or any other Specially Designated Global Terrorist Entity could be admitted in his court. Therefore these alleged 9/11 terrorists were set free.

The first time something like this happened, in 2003, Judge Leonie Brinkema in Virginia, had just given their other compadre of the complex terror financing network, Enaam Arnaout (Head of Benevolence International Foundation), a slap on the wrist, a very light sentence.

Judge Brinkema also refused to connect the Arnaout case to 9/11, although the evidence was overwhelming. Once again, no 9/11 related evidence was allowed in her courtroom. And there were reams of it, indisputable, indictable evidence, going back at least a decade.

In 2004, using similar twisted legal and political machinations directly from the White House, the 9/11 Commission (headed by Governor Kean, also a business compadre with the same network of people let go yesterday) was permitted to exclude terrorism financing evidence – until their hotly contested final report was amended in August 2004 with a weak essay that wasn’t worthy of grade school.

When I questioned the FBI in 2003 about that miscarriage of 9/11 justice, Eanaam Arnout’s Benevolence International Foundation, the response was that until people woke up and saw what was going on, it would be all over for America.

I disagreed and exhorted them to be more aggressive about prosecuting, to fight through the corruption in their own organizations which made that task disheartening and almost impossible. After all, 3,000 people were murdered and it didn’t just happen because of a few disgruntled Islamo-fascist terrorists, each case they won would lead to the next, all the way up the ladder. There is no Statute of Limitation on murder, they had time on their side, I said.

With this latest nail in the coffin for 9/11 justice, I see how right they were. But that is not why I am writing this … I’m writing because of another kind of fraud that speaks of a bigger miscarriage of justice in this country – the fraud of the alternative press.

The last time we had a miscarriage of 9/11 justice was in December 2007, when the HOLYLAND FOUNDATION of RICHARDSON TEXAS trial was dismissed.


Somewhere, the pay-meisters behind the shadowy, strange 9/11 truth out disinformation movement must be gloating. Mike is suddenly dead and all his files gone.

This miscarriage of 9/11 justice is a classic case of how and why people get the government and the country they deserve, and not for lack of trying to be aware citizens, and not for lack of a free press.

From what I’ve experienced in most of the alternative press these past 5 years – that amorphous body that claims independence to cover “the truth and nothing but the truth” on all matters from 9/11, Iraq to the tooth fairy – is for the most part easily “manipulated” by the same forces that handle the Mainstream Press.

In fact, most are even more compromised than the oft-maligned corporate funded Mainstream Press. In the cases where I’ve experienced this, it’s all about greed and power, and occasionally, pure insanity.

So many of those “fighting-the-good fight to be free press” will drop their ethics for that quickie-but-dirty dime. Those that never did, e.g., Michael Corbin, the Denver radio show host are always aware they may end up “suddenly dead” at a relatively young age. (ref:

One would think the alternative media would not be the ones to malevolently characterize well-researched, and curiously, still current links to their White House buddies on both sides of the political aisle, not to mention their Chicago political mob pay-meisters, where so much of this disinformation was coordinated for so long.

Yet none other than the very alternative press, many of whom stole from Michael Corbin, characterized such links as ‘paranoia’. Cui bene?

Perhaps the people who really lost on 9/11, family members and friends, would be interested in the 9/11 and Osama Bin Laden evidence against this street-level, low-layer of the 9/11 terrorist plot that got set free yesterday?

But they – and I mean the Four Jersey Girls (now three?), that bastion of courage and 9/11 morality – somehow managed to “look the other way” on exactly this evidence.

Predictably, they got nowhere, and are back at the litigation table, looking for terrorism financing pay dirt. Where? Once again, as of April 2008, not here.

This is what the citizens and all the 9/11 families get for not paying attention – for not “following the money”..for not understanding that all the evidence they ever needed – all this time – was right in the NY and Boston and Chicago law enforcement files.

But no, “let’s start yet another investigation” (where now, Mars perhaps?) – useless, unending and unyielding churn.

The 9/11 evidence always was, is and will be right here, right here at home. Already on file. And this overturned 9/11 terrorism financing case proves it.

We must be realistic, there are many reasons those flogging for latter-day 9/11 limelight don’t “follow the money”. You can’t get most people to follow two dimes rolling on a sidewalk, they’re more interested in televised pictures of big explosions, and what all those images prove, or not, instead of focusing on the real, litigation quality evidence at hand right under their noses in Boston and New York and Chicago and Richardson, Texas – all linked – already exposing “the King’s key players” behind 9/11.


And, this is precisely why Ms. Bonnie Faulkner, would have been invited to have her say, if Mike were alive and this played out on air: KPFA, the flagship of American Public (free?) Radio, decided to take hours of 9/11 terrorism financing evidence – and instead of a compelling case for terrorism financing involving the American political elite, their MENA, Asean, and European power-mongers – KPFA decided to focus on just my paltry experience as a miserable volunteer EMT at Ground Zero, where I knew something about Building 7 being pulled.

Someone might remember all this has something to do with FISA, a four letter word beginning with F  far more vulgar than the other one associated with George Carlin. I have my 7 unmentionable words that will get you under surveillance, and one of them is outing the truth behind FISA that protects the 9/11 terror financiers, both 2004 Kerry, his latter day equivalent (oh wake up, get over it), Bush and their band of merry thugs all the way back to BCCI – even further.

No one in this country has been treated to a proper rendition of the bogus FISA flag applied to terrorism financing litigation in this country, what the controversy is really all about, WHO IT WAS DESIGNED TO ULTIMATELY PROTECT… and why no litigation for 9/11 will ever hit and stick in a courtroom in these United States.

… we see the people kept stupidly mesmerized on the one hand with fears of rights taken away. So cleverly exploiting all those fears is nothing less than a bogus application of the FISA argument, which DOESN’T APPLY at all. In the mean time, rights are stripped and it’s got nothing to do with FISA. You lose again.

The Administration on both sides of the aisle have vested interests in keeping the FISA argument alive, in play, and partisan politics all in a rage over it, as though it has ANYTHING TO DO WITH CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, GIVEN THE EVIDENCE AND PROOF AVAILABLE.

It’s a bogus argument, and the entire body of ALTERNATIVE PRESS, and MOVIE MAKERS, and DOCUMENTARIANS could NOT hold forth a single intelligent discourse on WHY IT DOES NOT APPLY.

FEW of the illustrious and dedicated 9/11 Truth Out movements or the Alternative Press outlets who speak of 9/11 to this day,  can wrap their brains around the bogus nature of the FISA argument, they settled for the “Demolition Derby” avenue.

So, KPFA – like most everyone else from the Mainstream and Alternative Press, participated another “smoke and mirror” exercise: “Where’s the beef” – it’s all been carted off – by now, you’re likely buttering your toast and stirring your coffee with material from the 9/11 crime site’s physical evidence.

Where’s the Beef?

It’s like this:

You know someone was murdered, and you have the primary weapon/mechanism of injury, but you think the deed was done with more than one weapon. Additionally, you have “confessions in writing”, a “diversity of written evidence regarding the plot”, from the perps and all their accomplices, not to mention the corroborating testimony of several “eye-witnesses” to these “confessions in writing” and “diversity of written evidence”.

Here are my questions:

  • Do you let the damn perps free because you don’t have that potential second weapon?
  • Do you say, hmmm, we have seen the buildings come down from the airplanes, and we have all this stellar evidence regarding terrorism financing that implicated everyone, but you know, we really aren’t going to do something about it, until we can figure out if there were bombs in the buildings ahead of time (second weapon).
  • Do you propose we should know what the perp said to someone 10,000 miles away 10 years ago, and until they have that there will be no criminal case.

Yeah that’s the ticket! Welcome to the 9/11 Truth Out Movement, it moves – IMO like greased “something” that’s for sure – wasting no time ensuring (in the Name of The Victims) every single conceivable angle is covered, have they gotten to the Little Green Men from Mars yet.

Even the missing 9/11 terrorism financing evidence carted out of the FBI by those paid off by that USA “Mr. Keep A Lid on It” out of Sacramento doesn’t make a difference.

Here’s the beef:

The money trails already on file are the “confessions in writing” etc. so get a grip and pay attention where you need to, those of you who have lost, you don’t also have to be losers.

Furthermore, explain this one to me – or better yet, yourselves: those waiting for magic to appear wrt. their second weapon – bomb – theories, other than wasting 7 precious litigative years, understand full well their bomb theories lead to the same places of elite evil the money trails – already on file – lead. So my question is, who the heck is PAYING YOU for your useless, justice-delaying charades? Hollywood – the backbone of the Military Industrial Intelligence Entertainment complex?

It proved to be playing a role THEN in 2004, and it certainly proves so NOW in 2008, both election years.

By way of some explanation, in following the money behind what passes for “Public Radio” these days, Mike Corbin, a civilian from Texas and I found “Public Radio” more in the pockets of the euphemistic “Boys from Texas” than anyone could imagine. This realization, in 2005, made those very few of us with 9/11 justice on our minds (not selling books, personal enlightenment agendas, or milking Internet hits) a minority destined to either “wait for Godot” or go do it ourselves.

With Ptech and this group of alleged terrorism financiers, a political “smarmy army”, could always be counted on to play the “anti-Muslim witch-hunt” card. Indeed in this case, we have the presence of two females manning that “gas pump”.

As with any crime, when a political group resorts to that vulgar strawman of a defense, they are betraying our entire country, not to mention justice for the 3,000 people who were murdered.

In my book, murder is still a crime with no statute of limitations. There will never be justice for them, until the police evidence already gathered is litigated somewhere.

I always told Michael I would hold one card back. People tend to forget where I had been e.g., the Credit Risk and other Risk areas of the largest banks. It is not understood by many for how long I had been enrolled in writing reports to the Feds on exactly how those irregular activities that escalated with ENRON actually worked. They did leave an indictable trail, and erasing the trail left a bigger mess known as Ground Zero.

It has been said that those who can connect 9/11 with Enron will bring down the house – assuming of course I, (a human being, not a ghoul), am OK with that- not by poking at Taliban meetings in Texas and DC, or ranting on about Unocal, and Unocal’s strange love for Yaqub Mirza of Ptech, nor even Enron’s servers being used to serve Eastern European porn including kiddie porn, that Daniel Akamai (a 9/11 victim on AA flight 11), was purportedly “investigating” with Lew Perdue (Mr. Mirza’s other business venture) – but with hard evidence.

The card I withheld connects this sorry mess in Boston to the unholy tangle of financial networks that implicate key politicians in this country at the top, both sides of the aisle. The Government did prevent the political whores comprising the 9/11 Commission from pulling on the string connected to Ptech – but not for long.

There are other weak points – a very specific one involving Enron – will expose the same group of people, the same names – including this sorry bunch with their newly found love for the US Constitution. And, it includes “Chicago”.

The alternative press that stole from Mike won’t be able to steal that last hope for 9/11 justice and destroy it.

Perhaps, it’s time to play that 9/11 and Osama Bin Laden and ENRON evidence where it will be heard, judged and tried: in a Consitutionally sanctioned court of public opinion, since we can’t get it done right in a Court of Purchased Law of the Land.

DISINFORMATION GHOULS will give this topic a wide berth as they forge ahead with their serial mess-making activities. I can only offer this: what goes around comes around and I know you’re all feeling a little queasy deep down inside where your truth lies, right about now. Ignore it, it’s what you people do best.